promotion & events

In order to increase the effectiveness of innovatice communication measures it is once more necessary to develop new instruments for adressing the certain target groups. Today enterprises rely more and more on actions with event character, individuality and direct adressing of target groups during their presentation of new products.

promacc supports customers for example in product introductions and sales promotion activities of all kinds. Having an extensive net of female representatives and promotion staff we are able to convert every event according to individual customer preference. We supply clothing and equipment and we are the first contact for our customers in every concern to make sure that the event or promotion runs smoothly and is successful.

Especially at the venue of the Hanover trade fair we offer all services within the bounds of a comprehensive management for trade fairs. promacc, the professional event management, takes care of the of the professional event management for you and your customers. promacc organizes for you and your customers the professionel management of events from the check out of the location to catering and the supply of trained staff.

promacc offers
  • trained and qualified staff
    (up to 500 female representatives & promotors)
  • checking out of location
  • catering
  • planning and/or organisation of road shows
  • ticket service (not only for trade fairs)
references amongst others
  • ATI
  • ECI Telecom
  • SMS Eumuco
  • E Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG
  • Plural Servicepool GmbH
  • SAS Institute
  • Samrit Freudenberg